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Klaus Christ

November 2017, WDR
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Sculpture meets expressive dance
Klaus Christ and artist friends, Pau Aran Gimeno (E. Pina Bausch)

Januar 2022

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Born and raised in Münster near Frankfurt am Main. After high school graduation successful study of the visual arts, pedagogy and art therapy. Co-founder of the travelers school e.V., a group of young people who traveled for six months through India. Co-founder of the Waldorf kindergarten Langenberg, which is based on the concept of combining kindergarten and art workshops. Co-founder of the Heilpädagogische Lehrerbildung IHL in Witten-Annen. Exhibitions and commissioned works u.a. for companies and social institutions.

In addition to his own artistic work, for many years active as an art teacher in the upper school of a Waldorf school as well as in the teachers training. Today working as a visual artist and freelance lecturer in Wuppertal, Barcelona, Madrid and Tuscany. Lives in Wuppertal and Barcelona.

“My intention is to develop artistic works out of a processual process, I love working directly out of the material. I would like to pass on my experiences of the artistic process to other people. ”